The opportunities are endless

Being self-employed is all about being your own boss and calling the shots on when, where and how you work. The NDIS is a growing industry that needs professional and personable support workers for participants.

The big benefits it brings is flexibilty and the ability to control your lifestyle.

It's important to learn the ropes

Running a business isn't always sunshine and rainbows, but Solo & Smart is specifically designed to help you overcome the challenges of self-employment. 

1. Get setup with all the essentials, without the price tag.
2. Manage your tax, super, reporting and other committments.
3. Optional insurance cover for you and your business in-case something goes wrong.

We set up all the essentials for free

There are some bare essentials that you need to be in business for yourself. Solo & Smart gives you access to everything you need to get started without any upfront cost.

- ABN's
- Manage your invoices so you get paid fast
- Save receipts and manage expenses
- Reports that let you know how you're tracking

Set and forget with automatic savings

The Solo & Smart app can automatically put aside a percentage of your income as savings for tax, super, profit or a rainy day. Cash-flow becomes a problem of the past.

Simply choose the percentage you want to have saved and it's done. Don't worry you can access your savings at any time, or we will notify you when it's time to pay it.

Optional pay as you go insurance

Insuring yourself and your business is critical in self-employment, especially in the disability services industry.

Solo & Smart offers Public Liability and Personal Accident & Sickness insurances where you only pay for what you actually use. If you're not working you don't pay a cent, you only pay a small percentage of the work you actually do.

Now you can have insurance in place without paying any upfront costs.

How does it work?

One: Send your invoices in for payment.

Your payment lands in your S&S business account and your savings are automatically put aside plus your insurance looked after.

Three: Your free to spend money lands in your current everyday account.

What does it cost?

Our system is built on percentages so you only ever pay for services you are actually using, if you don't get paid there are zero fees.

Solo & Smart - all inclusive 2.2% (capped at $110 p/m)
Optional Accident & Sickness insurance - 3%
Optional Public Liability insurance - 0.66%

Get started now

You can simply register online now and complete your application, or book a call if you would like some help setting up.

On the Solo & Smart system, you will never be charged for a service until you have actually been paid for your work.

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